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Drug Testing Solutions

Alcohol Testing Solutions

Here at ITS you will see our innovative and high-quality range of products and solutions. In comparison to other suppliers, we manufacture with European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) guidelines in mind, rather than using much higher cut-off levels. As a result, this makes our testing kits “fit for purpose”, highly accurate and very cost effective.

We start by only selecting partners that share our own quality and ethical standards. Therefore, ensuring a consistent approach to a responsible, responsive and auditable supply chain. In the ever-evolving market of drugs of abuse testing, our partners have led the industry. They are continuously developing new tests and creating more effective panel configurations. This ensures our customers can test for the most relevant drugs of abuse, using innovative and quality led testing solutions.

We are experts in working with a diverse range of industry sectors delivering legally defensible workplace drug, alcohol and substance misuse policy, training/education, testing, treatment and support.

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