Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

At Innovative Testing Solutions, we provide simple to use Alcohol & Drug testing kits and equipment to give you reliable results quickly and hassle-free. Our services also include a professional policy consultation to help your business implement a bespoke drug and alcohol in the workplace policy that fits your needs and promotes safe working practices.

Drug Testing Solutions

Alcohol Testing Solutions

Here at ITS, we are experts in drug testing and policy.

We provide high-quality and cost-effective alcohol and drug testing kits and equipment, manufactured to meet European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) guidelines. We take great pride in our ethics and quality, and we hold our supply chain to that same high standard, ensuring a responsible, responsive, and auditable supply network at every stage.

Over 15 years, we have worked with a diverse range of industry sectors delivering legally defensible workplace drug, alcohol and substance misuse policy, training/education, testing, treatment, and support, and supporting the development and implementation of workable and cost-effective workplace drug testing programs.



To innovate, design and deliver accurate, sensitive, and specific solutions to the drug and alcohol testing industry.


To create a business that is the #1 product, service and solutions provider in the drug and alcohol testing industry.


  • Quality – giving you the confidence to make informed decisions
  • Innovation – keeping our customers one step ahead
  • Trust – maintained through consistent and valued service delivery, and market-leading products

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