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Highly Accurate, Specific, Sensitive and Reliable. Competitively priced drug testing solutions for when accuracy and quality is your priority.

Drug Testing Solutions

Alcohol Testing Solutions

Here at ITS Test Kits you will see our innovative and high-quality range of products and solutions are manufactured by our exclusive partners in the USA and Europe. This ensures a consistent approach to a responsible, responsive and auditable supply chain.

In the ever-evolving market of drugs of abuse, our partners have led the industry in developing new tests and creating more effective panel configurations. This ensures our customers are able to test for the most relevant drugs of abuse, using innovative and quality led testing solutions.

ITS Test Kits are proud to introduce the World’s first “plastic free” range of environmentally friendly drug test kits. Press the play icon below to watch our short animation about GreenCheck. Contact us to find out more.

The its Range

its… Premier Biotech Range

Our range of standard and premium oral fluid drug tests and urine drug tests point of care screening devices. Including a large range of single and multi-panel CE marked, FDA 510(k) and CLIA waived drug test dips, cups and drug test kits, offering highly accurate, specific, sensitive and reliable point of care testing solutions. Drug test strips available include prescription and over the counter medications, illegal drugs and NPS's (sometimes referred to as "legal highs").

its… Alcohol Breathalyser Range

Our range of Intoximeter hand held alcohol breathalyser units, accessories and consumables. Including the prolific UK Home Office approved FST range (with or without printer). One off alcohol breathalyser recalibrations available, however, we also offer a fully managed recalibration service for all your Intoximeter alcohol breathalyser FST devices.

its… Protzek/P.I.A. Range

Our range of Protzek drug testing solutions, including, the revolutionary, eco-friendly GreenCheck and P.I.A. optoelectronic analyser systems bring the latest technology to the testing arena. The P.I.A. mobile hand-held drug testing units are able to provide quantitative and qualitative results, capable of testing blood, oral fluid, urine, surfaces and substances. The P.I.A. drug testing systems bring cutting edge technology on a single testing platform.

  • Innovation and quality led solutions
  • Highly accurate and reliable range of products
  • Bespoke panels available upon request
  • Choose from our extensive catalogue of available drug tests and cut-off levels
  • Additional support services and resources, including training, technical support, calibration management

Winners: Environment/Low Carbon Award

ITS Test Kits are delighted after being announced the winners of the Environment/Low Carbon Award at the Staffordshire Chambers Business Awards. Selected for our upcoming, Protzek GreenCheck product range which will drastically reduce the amount of single use plastic and carbon footprint for ourselves and our customers.