About Us

Innovative Testing Solutions or ITS for short, is a privately owned, independent UK business founded by a team of passionate and highly knowledgeable professionals with over 35 years combined industry experience.

Tired of the cheap, poor quality drug testing kits/devices and misinformation regarding Drug and Alcohol policy flooding the UK market we have built a business based on the principle values of Quality, Innovation and Trust combining this with our specialist expertise in drug and alcohol policy, education, training, testing and support solutions.

With products and services developed primarily for the workplace, occupational health, drug treatment and healthcare sectors, ITS is one of the few companies that see ‘beyond the sample’ and adapt our advice accordingly to match your specific requirements enabling us to deliver personal, high quality services responsive to your changing needs.

Always listening and responding to your unique requirements, you are not just buying a test kit, a product or a service, you are investing in quality, expertise and a partnership that you can trust.

You may have come to us because you are struggling to understand the complexities of drug and alcohol testing, understanding this forms a critical part of both your health and safety obligations and employee wellbeing strategy, but may also be concerned about the impact of getting it wrong.

If that’s the case then you have come to right place as we are specialists at what we do – and we do it well helping you to save time, reduce costs whilst improving your employee’s health, safety and wellbeing.

ITS – Raising standards – not just meeting them!

Our Mission
To innovate, design and deliver accurate, sensitive and specific solutions to the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Our Vision
To create a business that is the #1 product, service and solutions provider in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Our Values

  • Quality – we carefully select our drug testing kits and solutions, giving you our customer the confidence to make informed decisions
  • Innovation – introducing “first to market” products and solutions keeping our customers one step ahead
  • Trust – maintained through consistent and valued service delivery, along with market leading products

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