Drug & Alcohol Policy

Writing, Review, Development and/or Maintenance

However small or large, every business or organisation should take practical steps (as far as is reasonably practicable) to minimise the risks associated with Drug and Alcohol use / Substance misuse. This does not need to be expensive and should be seen as an investment. Failure to take these steps can become very costly (both financially and commercially) indeed.

Whether starting from scratch or looking to review, develop or maintain an existing Drugs & Alcohol Policy / Substance Misuse Policy (and Procedures) ITS can do it all for you, or advise you upon guidelines to follow. With over 15 years of experience and having advised upon and/or written such policies and procedures for some very large “blue chip” companies and organisations, our friendly team will guide you through all the necessary steps. Legal, robust and relevant policy and procedures in place will allow your staff to deal with any future Drug and Alcohol / Substance misuse related problems that may occur in a consistent, professional, responsible and legally defensible manner.

Some features and benefits of working with us are:

• Legally defensible Drug & Alcohol Policy design and review
• Organisational culture
• Human Resources compliance
• Health & Safety compliance
• Improved productivity and loss control
• Structured policy implementation
• Empowered decision making
• Clear guidelines and procedures
• Roles and responsibilities
• Protecting both employers and employees
• Multi-party consultation (including unions)
• Long term working parties / groups
• Ongoing support and information

Getting the Drug & Alcohol Policy and Procedure element right is at the heart of successful management of drug and alcohol / substance misuse in the workplace / organisation. A few lines or paragraph within the H&S Policy is rarely sufficient nor legally defensible. And “off the shelf” policies often miss specific details relevant to your industry and leave things wide open for challenge. Consequences of getting it wrong can be severe. So why chance it? Pricing on application. In the first instance, please contact us to arrange a confidential and no obligation chat.