Drug & Alcohol Policy Services

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to review, expand or refresh an existing Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy and Procedures, ITS can offer support with every step.


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Drug & Alcohol Policy Services

With over 15 years’ experience advising and writing policies for large and reputable companies, our team can provide leading advice and friendly support to guide you through whichever steps are necessary for you to create a hardy drug & alcohol policy that covers all behaviour and training expectations for staff, and outlines clear consequences to non-adherence to policy rules.

Our services include:

Drug & Alcohol Policy Review

If you already have a drug & alcohol policy in place, it could be time to have your policy reviewed to ensure it is serving your business correctly. Our team will discuss your requirements with you and identify areas within your policy that could be improved upon.

Drug & Alcohol Policy Improvement

If your drug and alcohol policy needs work, our team can help. We will build on your existing policy, adding additional clauses suitable to your industry and business type to ensure a robust policy that works for you. This is true whether you’re dealing with a specific issue that has arisen, or for example looking to upgrade your drug and alcohol policy to secure new partnerships and remain compliant.

Drug & Alcohol Policy Writing

If you don’t currently have a policy in place or are looking to replace an existing policy, we can help you write on from start to finish. With 15 years of experience behind us, the ITS team can build a drug & alcohol policy that matches the needs of your business and ensures your legal responsibilities for health, safety and welfare.

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Why is it important to have a thorough and fitting workplace drug and alcohol policy?

Legal, robust, and relevant policies and procedures can support your managers in handling any future Drug, Alcohol and Substance misuse related problems that may occur in the workplace. Having a framework in place can help ensure that your business tackles substance misuse in a consistent, professional, responsible and legally defensible manner – while also making expectations clear for your staff.

However small or large, every business or organisation should take practical steps to minimise the risks associated with Drug, Alcohol and Substance misuse. This does not need to be expensive and should be viewed as an investment. That’s because failing to take these steps can become very costly indeed, both financially and commercially.

About ITS’ Policy Services

By working with ITS you will achieve the following objectives and will:

  • Have a robust and legally defensible Policy and Procedures bespoke for your business and risk factors
  • Have a clear objective vision and communication plan in place to enable swift, effective and efficient management of any Drug and Alcohol related issues
  • Have met your requirements for training and education as required by HASAW
  • Have met your legal requirements for HR and Health & Safety (around Drugs & Alcohol)
  • Have dealt with any suspicions of drug/alcohol use in a responsible and pro-active manner (doing everything “as far and as is reasonably practicable”)
  • Have documented evidence to support you if ever required for your insurance (including vehicle/fleet)
  • Have demonstrated support for existing and future employee Drug & Alcohol related issues
  • Have recognised whether your previous arrangements may have been inadequate
  • Have reviewed and changed to ensure you are protecting your employees and the business – in a legally defensible and responsible manner
  • Be able to get on with your day-to-day roles running, managing, and driving your business forward knowing that any Drug & Alcohol related issues that may arise will take minimal effort, time and cost to manage effectively.

A few lines or a paragraph within the Health & Safety Policy is rarely sufficient nor legally defensible, and “off the shelf” policies often miss specific details relevant to your industry leaving things wide open for challenge.

The consequences of an ill-fitting drug & alcohol policy can be severe, so don’t chance it – source a bespoke policy for your business today.