Charity Alcohol Change UK have announced Alcohol Awareness Week (AAW) 2019 will take place from 11-17 November.
It is a an ideal opportunity to:​

  1. Drive a conversation about alcohol​ and;
  2. Signpost those who need help – to the support they need​. ​

This year the theme is ‘Alcohol and me’.​ ​
Alcohol plays a role in many of our lives, even if we don’t realise it. But by making even small changes to our drinking behaviour we can become healthier and happier. It can reduce our risk for many serious health conditions including cancer, mental health problems, and liver disease.​ ​
The aim is to highlight the impact that alcohol can have on our bodies, our lives and those we love. ​
This November, let’s come together to share the tools and resources to help drive a conversation around alcohol and help people to get the support they deserve.​
Drinking alcohol can affect your body in all sorts of different ways; explore some of the most common effects on our body map.
Have a look here to see what effects it can have.
Are you / your workplace doing anything to support and promote this?

  • How do you educate and raise awareness?
  • What ideas do you have?

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