Today we had an enquiry about our Blue Toilet Water Dye – 100 tablets, and we were asked ‘Why can’t we just use blue toilet block tablets like Blue Loo?’
In short the answer is you can. However, when employees use products that contain hazardous and harmful ingredients/chemicals, they should have access to COSHH (Care Of Substances Hazardous To Health) data sheets to meet health and safety regulations. To handle these products safely, operators should be trained. Chemicals such as potassium permanganate have been previously used for this purpose. Side effects of handling chemical toilet water dyes can include skin irritation, redness, or burns. It is also adding chemicals and pollutants to our waterways.
With that in mind our Blue Toilet Water Dye – 100 tablets are a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative. Having a single dose biodegradable tablet form, ensures a cost effective and safer dying solution. Supplied in a small resealable screw top container, makes them easier and safer to store and transport. Requiring no COSHH, they therefore present an extremely low risk to the operator and also the environment.