What is GreenCheck?

EXCLUSIVE to ITS Test Kits – GreenCheck is an environmentally friendly urine drug test kit for the detection of drugs of abuse. Including illegal drugs, prescription drugs and other medications. GreenCheck is produced out of paper, drastically reducing the use of non-recyclable raw material e.g. single use plastics. This innovative product is the World’s first eco-friendly alternative to traditional multi drug testing plastic cassettes and dip cards. Manufactured to the highest standards, GreenCheck provides two products in one. A pipette and read solution and a dip and read solution, all in one product! This innovative product is the World’s first eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic cassettes for point of care testing kits (Drug testing / Medical markers / Health markers etc).

Why GreenCheck?

Today only about 6% of plastic waste is recycled within the EU, which is why the European Commission has recently approved a ban on some single use plastic items. GreenCheck solves one of the main challenges faced by all point of care immunoassay providers including the drug testing industry: how to reduce or eliminate plastics and move toward more sustainable testing solutions without losing accuracy or increasing costs. Don’t let testing cost the Earth. GreenCheck – the responsible choice.

Environmental protection
  • Compatible with household waste recycling regulations
  • Reduces by 85% – 95% the use of non-recyclable material
  • Virtually eliminates the amount of plastic usually required for point of care immunoassay kits
  • New manufacturing technology that reduces the overall carbon footprint and impact on the planet
  • Lighter smaller and environmentally friendly reducing the our customers carbon footprint and impact on the planet
  • Lower costs with transportation, storage and handling, due to smaller volume
  • Presented in a recyclable foil pouch
High quality
  • Same high quality results with no reduction in accuracy, specificity and sensitivity
  • With GreenChecks’ superior finish of materials, there is no decrease in the customer experience
  • Fully customizable for various parameters
  • Can be used with our P.I.A.1 and P.I.A.2 opto-electronic analyser devices
  • Manufactured in Europe under ISO 13485, ISO 9001 standards
  • TÜV NORD certified
  • CE Marked

ITS Test Kits are very proud and excited to introduce the World’s first “virtually plastic free” range of environmentally friendly drug test kits. Press the play icon below to watch our short animation about GreenCheck.
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The efficiency of classic drug tests in an eco-friendly solution.

Don’t let testing cost the earth.

GreenCheck – the responsible choice.