ITS OralTox Product & User Guide Video


The ITS OralTox Product & User Guide Video has been created to give the user a quick, simple and easy to follow visual resource to refer to. It will give you an overview of the product operating process showing you how to:

  • How long before sampling the donor should refrain from eating/drinking/smoking etc
  • How to ensure the product is intact and within expiry date
  • How to quickly and efficiently collect the Oral Fluid sample correctly
  • How to use the sample adequacy indicator on the collection swab/device
  • How to introduce the Oral Fluid sample to the test device and activate the sample testing process
  • How to ensure the test device works as intended
  • How to read the test results Invalid, Negative, Non-Negative
  • Why the THC test strip will run slower than others
  • How air bubbles may inhibit the sample wicking and how to resolve it
  • Results stability time period

 NOTE: The video is not designed to replace formal training.