Network Rail Drug Test 9 Panel

  • 9 panel urine test cup
  • Manufactured to meet Network Rail POCT standards
  • CE & UKCA Marked
  • MHRA Registered
  • Greater than 99% accuracy
  • Eco design

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ITS ScreenPro Urine Cup – Network Rail Drug Test Panel

The ITS ScreenPro Urine Cup UK 9a (NR) (Eco) “Network Rail Drug Test Cup”, 9 Drug Panel Urine Test Cup is specifically manufactured to Network Rail POCT standards and is one of our most versatile Urine Drug Test kits. Manufactured in an ISO13485 accredited facility to ensure quality standards are met for regulatory purposes. This version uses almost 30% less plastic than our Standard Range and 40% less plastic than alternative “Split Key Cup” style kits.

These kits are CE/UKCA Marked and registered with the MHRA and therefore meet the stringent requirements for Network Rail Point of Care Testing (POCT) drug testing.

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Analytical Sensitivity/Precision

During clinical trials the ScreenPro Cup and ScreenPro Dip urine drug test kits gave results of greater than 99% accuracy. Particular details can be found on our specific product insert sheets.

Adulterant Tests (Specimen Validity Tests)

To confidently assess the integrity of the urine sample you can use our Adulteration Urine Test Strips (6 Parameter) – 25 Pack

Benefits of the ITS ScreenPro Urine Cup UK 9a (NR) (Eco) Drug Test Cup

Manufactured to the exact drug panel and cut-off levels as required by Network Rail Drug and Alcohol testing standards NR/L2/OHS/00120 Iss. Sep 2022.

  • Manufactured within an ISO13485 accredited facility
  • CE & UKCA Marked
  • Registered with MHRA
  • Sturdy feel, easy to use – Fast and accurate
  • Strong line intensity & easy to read results
  • Fully encapsulated hygienic plastic unit
  • Standardised colour coded strip per drug system, allows for ease of drug/metabolite type identification, quickly and consistently
  • Consistent accuracy, specificity and sensitivity giving reliable, qualitative screening results, time after time
  • Results available in as little as 30-seconds and stable for one hour
  • 30% less plastic than our Standard Range and 40% less plastic than “Split Key Cup” style kits
  • Combined with our UKAS accredited ISO17025 laboratory confirmation services – ensures a legally defensible drug test.

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