ScreenPro Urine Drug Test Dip

We would advise new users to watch the video below and read the short, step by step Instructions for Use guide, before taking the ScreenPro Urine Drug Test Dip exam. If you are a returning customer or an experienced collection officer, you could go straight to the on-line exam.

Instructions For Use ScreenPro Urine Drug Test Dip

The ScreenPro Urine Drug Test Dip is a qualitative point of care screening device for the rapid detection of drugs and metabolites in human urine.

  1. Hand a sample collection cup to the donor and ask them to supply a urine specimen. We recommend enough specimen to half fill the cup.  Always ask the donor to secure the lid before handing it back. Check the lid is secure
  2. Check the sample temperature is within normal range, between 32-38 degrees C, by reading the green area shown on the temperature control strip
  3. If the specimen is not within this range a new sample should be taken in a new cup
  4. Before using the ScreenPro Urine Drug Test Dip, bring it up to room temperature between 15-30 degrees C
  5. Carefully inspect the packet to ensure it is intact. Do not use if opened, damaged or torn
  6. Check the Expiry Date and only use if in date
  7. Tear open the foil packet and remove the dip. Place the silica desiccant pouch and packet to one side
  8. Remove the cover from the ScreenPro Urine Drug Test Dip to expose the testing strips, then remove the lid from the urine sample cup
  9. Insert the end of the test strips into the specimen sample for 15 seconds. Do not allow the plastic cassette to touch the specimen
  10. Remove the dip and replace the cap before placing it down on a flat surface. Replace the lid on the sample collection cup.
Interpreting the results
  1. You will see that the ScreenPro Urine drug test dip, tests for 1 drug per strip making it easy to read. Each strip has its own control line and test line
  2. Make sure the control line at the top of the strip is visible. This indicates the strip has worked correctly
Positive also known as Non-Negative Results

The presence of a reddish-purple line in the top C position and no line in the bottom T position, on any of the test strips, indicate a Non-Negative result for that drug.  Non-Negative results should be read at 5 min.  All Non-Negative results should be sent to a suitably accredited laboratory for confirmation analysis where required.

Non Negative Result

Negative Results

The presence of a reddish-purple line in the top C position and again in the bottom T position on any of the test strips, indicate a Negative result for that drug.  Negative results can be read as soon as both Control and Test lines are visible on each strip




Negative Result


If a control line fails to appear on any individual test strip, the test result is invalid and should be repeated with a new dip.







Please Note: It is normal for the line intensity to vary.  Any line, regardless of the intensity, colour or size, should be read as a line.   The results will remain stable for up to 60 minutes

Please contact us if you need anymore information regarding the use of this product.