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ITS Drug & Alcohol Training Courses

Our range of training courses are designed to equip UK businesses and their staff with the comprehensive knowledge and robust practices required to prevent and manage drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace.

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About our Drug and Alcohol Training Services

In the world of workplace safety and wellbeing, education around drug and alcohol misuse is key. It enables businesses to minimise safety risks and lay out protocols that can be utilised when incidents do occur. In this instance, it’s crucial that your staff at every level understand what is expected and required of them to handle the situation effectively, safely, and with care for procedure and reporting.

Innovative Testing Solutions offers a range of training courses designed to ensure your employees are informed with up-to-date information that will help them to carry out their responsibilities at work. From awareness training suitable for staff at all seniority levels, to training for managerial staff and those involved in the sample collection and Chain of Custody process, we have comprehensive courses designed to provide your staff with robust knowledge of everything from the risks of substance misuse to the details of your workplace drug and alcohol policy.
Our services include:

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

The ITS Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training Course is designed to give your workforce all necessary information to understand your workplace drug & alcohol policy, their role and rights, and ethical and legal responsibility pertaining to substance misuse and management in the workplace.

Employee Briefings and Education

From Drugs and Alcohol Policy briefings rolling out required information, right through to our thought provoking presentation “It started with a spliff”. ITS deliver relevant briefings and engaging education (not propaganda) to your Employees in high impact, but time compact, sessions.

Chain of Custody Training

The ITS Chain of Custody Training program ensures that your staff involved in the sample collection and Chain of Custody process are properly instructed on how to handle the sample collection process, and how to complete the paperwork to ensure legally defensible drug & alcohol testing.

Product & User Guides

If you need quick guidance on how to use our testing equipment, our Product & User Guide Videos provide simple and easy to follow visual resources for all of the testing products we offer. We have user guides for all our main product categories including urine test cups and adulteration strips, oral fluid drug tests and breathalysers for the detection of alcohol.