Chain of Custody & Drug Testing

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Correct sample collection and completion of paperwork are crucial to the legal defensible process of drugs and alcohol testing. ITS offer a half day Chain of Custody training course which includes product awareness. This course instructs delegates in the processes required to ensure legal defensibility using testing products and equipment. The course is aimed at groups up to 12 persons and can be delivered “on-site” or at other suitable facilities.

Course Aims

Delegates will become aware of:

  • The type of drug testing employed by their employer / company / organisation
  • The need to perform a legally defensible drug and alcohol test
  • The processes and equipment involved in taking a breath and oral fluid and/or urine sample
  • The requirements of a robust and concise Drug and Alcohol policy

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

Correctly interview a donor and record the required data using Chain of Custody forms.
Perform a legally defensible Alcohol breath screen test using a UK Home Office approved breathalyser.
Read and record breath test results, recognising where further testing may be required.
Prepare a toilet facility for urine sample collection (if urine testing).
Perform a legally defensible drug screen test using the ITS urine or oral fluid “point of care test” for on-site screening.
Read and record a negative/non-negative result from the ITS urine or oral fluid “point of care test” for on-site screening.
Split a urine/oral fluid sample into an A and B sample (using a UKAS accredited laboratory’s confirmation kit), complete paperwork and prepare ready to send to a UKAS accredited laboratory for confirmation services.

All delegates who meet the required standards will receive a certificate of attendance. It is, however, important to understand that this course cannot ensure competency as competency only comes from experience and practice. ITS can also provide independent and impartial competency management services and audit as part of our full-service support offering. We can also advise you on your current processes – we often find that companies can improve upon their existing processes.

Please contact us in confidence to discuss your specific requirements.

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