Chain of Custody & Product Training

Correct sample collection and completion of paperwork are crucial to the legally defensible process of drugs and alcohol testing.


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Chain of Custody & Product Training

The ITS Chain of Custody & Product Training Course instructs delegates in the processes required to ensure legal defensibility and the correct use of testing products and equipment. The course is aimed at groups up to 10 persons and can be delivered online, on-site, or at other suitable facilities.

Key Features

  • In-Person and Online Training Courses
  • To support legally defensible Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Developed in line with EWDTS* Guidelines
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date training and information

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Chain of Custody & Product Training by Matt Taylor

“We’ve developed our Chain of Custody & Product Training Course in line with European Workplace Drug Testing Society* (EWDTS) guidelines. The course will provide your delegates with all the information and preparation they need to carry out their role to the high standard required for legally defensible drug & alcohol testing. From the implementation of policy to the collection and recording of samples, our course leaders are on hand to ensure that every step of drug and alcohol management in the workplace is clearly understood by those in your team.”


Matt Taylor, Director

Course Aims

Chain of Custody delegates will become aware of:

  • The type of drug testing employed by their employer / company / organisation
  • The need to perform a legally defensible drug and alcohol test
  • The processes and equipment involved in taking a breath and oral fluid and/or urine sample
  • The requirements of a robust and concise Drug and Alcohol policy.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, chain of Custody delegates will be able to:

  • Correctly interview a donor and record the required data using Chain of Custody forms
  • Perform a legally defensible Alcohol breath screen test using a UK Home Office approved breathalyser
  • Read and record breath test results, recognising where further testing may be required
  • Prepare a toilet facility for urine sample collection (if urine testing)
  • Perform a legally defensible drug screen test using the ITS urine or oral fluid “point of care test” for on-site screening
  • Read and record a negative/non-negative result from the ITS urine or oral fluid “point of care test” for on-site screening
  • Split a urine/oral fluid sample into an A and B sample (using a UKAS accredited laboratory confirmation kit), complete paperwork and prepare ready to send to a UKAS accredited laboratory for confirmation services.

What is Chain of Custody?

Chain of Custody refers to processes relating to and the sequence of people who handle evidence from its collection to its analysis. In the context of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, it refers to everything from the collecting of samples for the use in testing and filing of appropriate documentation and the safe storage and transfer of those samples in the case that further laboratory analysis is required, and all the people who handle the evidence on this journey.

Why is Chain of Custody important?

Chain of Custody is important as it preserves the integrity of evidence. When testing for Drugs and Alcohol use in the workplace, robust Chain of Custody is essential to ensure there is documented evidence of the whole process (including consent) that will protect the legal requirements of both Employee and Employer should it ever be challenged.