Workplace Drug Testing

At Innovative Testing Solutions, we are experts in working with a diverse range of industry sectors to deliver legally defensible workplace drug, alcohol, and substance misuse policies. Additionally, we provide the essential training, testing, and support to facilitate a robust workplace drug and alcohol policy.


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About our Products Services and Solutions

Innovative Testing Solutions (ITS) is a privately owned, independent UK business founded by a team of passionate and highly knowledgeable professionals with over 30 years combined industry experience.

We support businesses with a range of essential Drug and Alcohol testing and related services, including:

  • Policy writing, review, development and/or maintenance
  • Employee education & briefings
  • Management & Supervisor training
  • Sample Collection – Training or Full-Service provision
  • Alcohol Testing – from single use disposables to professional equipment
  • Drug Testing – Innovative and high-quality kits and solutions
  • UKAS/ISO 17025 Laboratory Services
  • Support and Counselling.

With products and services developed primarily for the workplace, occupational healthdrug treatment and healthcare sectors, ITS is one of the few companies that see ‘beyond the sample’ and adapt our advice accordingly to match your specific requirements. This enables us to deliver bespoke, high-quality services that are responsive to your changing needs.

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Which businesses require Drug and Alcohol Testing?

For businesses in which health and safety is paramount, workplace drug testing is essential. Similarly, workplaces that are striving to boost employee wellbeing, that utilise Occupational Health teams, or that utilise temporary employees, are well-positioned to benefit from drug and alcohol testing.

However, any business may need to deploy a testing program and policy to suit – perhaps even to meet contractual obligations and secure tenders. Examples of the industries we have experience working with include, but are not exclusive to:








Occupational Health








Oil & Gas

If you think our services could benefit your business, get in touch with our experts for advice and a tailored quote.

What could ITS help your business achieve?

The key objectives we can help your business realise include:

  • Having robust and legally defensible Policies and Procedures – bespoke for your business and risk factors
  • Developing a clear and objective vision, and a communication plan that enables the swift and efficient resolution of any D&A issues
  • Meeting your requirements for training and education as required by HASAW etc
  • Ensuring that your business’ HR policy legally covers any relevant Drug and Alcohol requirements
  • Preparing your business to proactively manage any suspicions of drug/alcohol use
  • Having documented evidence to help support you if ever required for your insurance (including vehicle/fleet insurance)
  • Demonstrating support for existing and future employee with regards to D&A issues.

With the correct policies and procedures in place, you can be confident that you’re protecting your employees and the business simultaneously – in a legally defensible and responsible manner.

This also means that your teams can focus on running the business, safe in the knowledge that there is a clear plan in place to tackle any emerging D&A issues in an ethical, cost-effective, and time-efficient manner.

How our services are tailored to UK businesses

Many drug testing products sold in the UK and Ireland use high cut-off levels. Regularly these are manufactured specifically for the US market, consequently missing many “positive” results, thereby resulting in persons continuing or returning to work with drugs in their system.

Our products are manufactured specifically for the UK and Ireland, giving businesses legally defensible and useful results that meet European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) laboratory screening cut-off levels.

Many businesses are finding that their existing Health & Safety Policy is insufficient nor legally defensible, and “off the shelf” policies often miss specific details relevant to your industry leaving things wide open for challenge. The consequences of getting it wrong can be severe, So why chance it?. Let ITS do the hard work for you making sure you get everything right first time.

Comprehensive workplace drug testing solutions

At ITS, we always listen and respond to your unique requirements. When you work with us, you are not just buying a test kit, a product, or a service – you are investing in quality, expertise, and a partnership that you can trust. Furthermore, we have over 30 years of experience working with organisations in developing and implementing workable and cost-effective workplace drug testing programs.