Work Place Drug Testing

Workplace Drug Testing

We are experts in working with a diverse range of industry sectors delivering legally defensible workplace drug, alcohol and substance misuse policy, training/education, testing, treatment and support.

Why Choose ITS?

With products and services developed specifically for the workplace, we are one of the few companies that see ‘beyond the sample’ and adapt our advice accordingly to match your specific requirements enabling us to deliver personal, high quality services responsive to your changing needs.
Always listening and responding to your unique requirements, you are not just buying a test kit, a product or a service, you are investing in quality, expertise and a partnership that you can trust. Furthermore, we have over 15 years of experience working with organisations in developing and implementing workable and cost-effective workplace drug testing programs.

Products | Services | Solutions

  • Policy writing, review, development and/or maintenance
  • Employee education & briefings
  • Management & Supervisor training
  • Sample Collection – Training or Full-Service provision
  • Alcohol Testing – from single use disposables to professional equipment
  • Drug Testing – Innovative and high-quality kits and solutions
  • UKAS/ISO17025 Laboratory Services
  • Support and Counselling

Not all products and services are the same

Many drug testing products sold in the UK and Ireland use high cut-off levels. Regularly these are manufactured specifically for the US market, consequently missing many “positive” results, thereby resulting in persons continuing or returning to work with drugs in their system! Our products are manufactured specifically for the UK and Ireland, above all to meet the relevant European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) laboratory screening cut-off levels.

A few lines or a paragraph within the Health & Safety Policy is rarely sufficient nor legally defensible, and “off the shelf” policies often miss specific details relevant to your industry leaving things wide open for challenge. The consequences of getting it wrong can be severe, So why chance it?

Don’t leave yourself or your company exposed to challenges that can lead to expensive tribunals, investigations and possibly criminal charges, fines and/or imprisonment. Let ITS do the hard work for you making sure you get everything right first time.

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