Calibration of Breathalysers

Recalibration of your Intoximeter FST alcohol breathalyser should be a necessary and scheduled part of your processes to ensure accurate and legally defensible breath test results. Over time, an alcohol breathalyser may lose accuracy. This is normal. The reasons for testing will dictate how often you should accuracy check and recalibrate your breathalyser.

Different manufacturers recommend different time frames for re-calibration, this is what Intoximeters recommend for the FST range:

      • When used in a “disciplinary” application, every 6 months
      • When used in a “non-disciplinary” or general monitoring application, every 12 months

Here at ITS, we provide 2 levels of Intoximeter FST Recalibration services to suit the differing needs and requirements of our customers.

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Customers who subscribe to our convenient Re-Calibration Service benefit from further discounts and unique value-added services over and above our “ad-hoc” services.

Please contact us for further information about how we can help you / your business maintain “headache” free compliance, record keeping and for a bespoke quote to meet your exact requirements.

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