Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

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In our opinion, sound education, through drug & alcohol awareness training is vitally important to the success of any Drugs and Alcohol Policy. Training and education are necessary and, in some cases, required by regulations, for Drug Free Workplace Programs.

Employees need support to help them recognise the benefits of a robust Drug & Alcohol Policy. They need to understand their rights, role and responsibilities, both morally and legally. Employers must not take employee’s knowledge for granted, it’s a management responsibility to equip all directors, managers and supervisors with the correct knowledge and skills to ensure the Policy is robust.

Our highly experienced trainers have delivered 1000’s of courses, to both small and large audiences. From one-hour policy awareness sessions, to large scale national training programs. We work closely with you and your teams to achieve the required outcomes and to demonstrate due diligence. We always deliver with passion and up-to date knowledge. Training can be delivered on-site or at other suitable facilities.

Management Training

ITS deliver structured management training courses to equip Managers and Supervisors with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective drugs and alcohol policy maintenance. Experienced and qualified trainers ensure the outcomes of competence-based training enable candidates to:

  • Recognise Employers’ legislative responsibilities through HASAW
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of substance misuse
  • Understand the role of Directors/Management/Supervisors and Employees in the implementation of policy
  • Ensure laid down procedures can be followed with confidence

Our typical drugs and alcohol foundation courses have a duration of four hours and are designed for a target audience of around 12 candidates, although more is possible. It is considered of high value that all staff involved in For-Cause/With-Cause Drug & Alcohol Screening should attend this course. Other shorter courses and briefings addressing “signs & symptoms” etc are also available. Bespoke packages to suit are a specialty of ITS and are created to meet your specific objectives.

Staff Briefings

Co-ordinated briefing sessions are designed in a way that all attendees:

  • Understand the intended method of policy application
  • Appreciate the types of support systems available to individuals with known related problems
  • Recognize the consequences of policy non-compliance

Briefing sessions can be delivered to groups of varying sizes, we have delivered to audiences of 150. All sessions are supported by visual aids and the distribution of related drugs and alcohol literature. ITS deliver staff briefings as part of the overall education and training program. At approx. 1-1.5hr in length, the briefings allow staff to get a better understanding of the policy and engage by asking questions.

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