Testing a Urine Sample For Adulteration

Here you will see how easy it is to test a urine sample for adulteration
Urine samples can be diluted or adulterated by individuals who are trying to falsify a urine drug test.
Adulteration test strips, sometimes known as Specimen Validity Test, (S.V.T.) are a rapid, one step screening test used to determine if a human urine sample has been adulterated, tampered with or diluted. The strips simultaneously detect the presence of 7 markers/parameters.
The test strips work based on the colour derived from the chemical reaction between the chemical reagent on each test pad and the urine sample, giving a semi-quantitative result via a comparison colour chart.

  1. Here we show you how to validate a urine sample by using 1 of our 7 parameter adulteration strips.
  2. First you must check the Expiry Date on the container and only use if in date.
    Remove one strip from the container
  3. Dip the strip into the urine sample for about 5 seconds, to ensure all reagent test pads are immersed
  4. Remove the strip from the sample and gently tap it against the cup to remove any excess urine
  5. Compare each pad to the corresponding colour block on the chart provided
  6. Obtain results by direct colour chart comparison, for all 7 markers

An abnormal result for any of the markers suggest that the sample has been manipulated (including consumption of “detox / masking agents”), altered or contaminated

Each container comes with complete testing instructions, technical details and background information on how to carry out the testing procedure

All abnormal results should be confirmed by a laboratory

Please contact us if you need anymore information regarding the use of this product.