ScreenPro Oral Fluid Drug Test

Please answer the following multiple-choice questions.  Once you have answered all the questions you can submit your answers to see the results.

Company Name
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The ScreenPro Oral Fluid Drug Test is...?

At what temperature should the ScreenPro Oral Fluid device be used

The ScreenPro Oral Fluid device can be used beyond its expiry date if…?

Donors should not eat, drink, smoke or vape for how long before providing a sample?

The donor can bite, suck and chew on the sponge if it helps them provide a sample?

If the saturation indicator does not turn red, at what point would you continue to read the test?

What can be done to remove any air bubbles from the base of the strip, ensuring it runs correctly?

What does a control line indicate at the top of the strips?

Oral Fluid Panel

Which of the strips in the above picture takes the longest to incubate?

Negative results should be read at…?

Read the results at 10 minutes?

If testing for alcohol, at what time should this be read?

negative result

According to the results in the image above, this drug test panel indicates negative results for?

OPI non-negative

According the results in the image above, this drug test panel indicates non-negative result for?