Cocaine and Alcohol Combined

The UK has always had a serious alcohol problem, what hapens when cocaine and alcohol are combined? Binge drinking culture is rampant to this day, with UK citizens being drunk more often than any other country. As most know, the party context within which cocaine is often used means many consume the drug alongside alcohol; over half of cocaine users do, in recent studies.
The problem here is significant. When cocaine is consumed alongside alcohol, both of the substances are metabolised at the same time in the body’s liver. When this happens, cocaethylene is formed. When this accrues inside us, it can pose a serious & direct threat to the function of our cardiovascular systems. In cases of overdose where cocaine & alcohol have been consumed, the build-up of cocaethylene is often viewed as the catalyst for strokes, heart attacks & damage to the heart.
Cocaine is an entrenched & widespread part of UK drug culture. People every day struggle with addiction & dependency. The ability of modern rehab options to provide flexible & affordable treatment is critical in ensuring access to the care needed when they need it. The ability to fit around work & family life, is incredibly important to support, enable recovery & return to work.
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