With COVID infection levels now higher than at the peak of the alpha variant wave in January 2021, and COVID-related workplace absences rising sharply since June, now is an important time to increase diligence when it comes to testing.
There is a duty of care from employers to protect employees in the workplace which has already triggered a demand from employers to restart workplace testing. In addition to this, the number of potential losses to a business through COVID-related sickness is significant, which makes it an easy decision for employers to reinvest in COVID secure measures.

Lateral Flow Test Availability

Since April 1st 2022, lateral flow tests are no longer free for the general public – with only select groups able to acquire the rapid covid tests free of charge. With COVID making a resurgence and cases rising across the country, acquisition of lateral flows is a worthwhile investment that can help protect your workforce and business.

Lateral Flow Tests in the Workplace

If you are looking to reintroduce workplace COVID testing, ITS offers competitively priced lateral flow tests, so you can stock up.
With 20 years of experience within the testing industry, our lateral flow tests meet the same high standard as all of our testing equipment. Easy to use and offering fast and highly reliable results, our lateral flow tests are an invaluable purchase that will help you to slow the spread of covid and keep your team safe and healthy.
We have high stock levels of Government, MHRA & NHS trusted and validated lateral flow tests ready to send out to you.

Lateral Flow Tests for Home

If you are looking for lateral flow tests for home use, we have you covered. We don’t just offer our COVID-tests to businesses. Individuals looking to safely navigate the current wave of COVID-19 can also purchase our lateral flow test kits to use at home.
With summer in full swing, many of us are attending parties, weddings and other social gatherings that could serve as a catalyst for the spread of COVID. Enjoy your summer social calendar safely, with regular and reliable testing.
You can purchase both single tests and multipacks here, perfect for a range of applications.

ITS Testing Kits

At ITS, we offer a range of drug & alcohol testing solutions in addition to our COVID-19 test kits. With both urine testing kits and oral fluid/saliva test kits available and breathalysers too, we can support you in ensuring the safe operation of your business and the welfare of your team.
If you are interested in learning more about our drug and alcohol testing or think you could benefit from our workplace drug and alcohol policy support, please get in touch with our team.
You can browse our range of drug and alcohol testing equipment here.