With the festive season upon us, it’s time to educate people about the dangers of driving under the influence. The Police will be targeting offenders who pose a risk to themselves and other road users.
So you may consider rolling out the same message for your Employees.
While officers routinely respond to reports of drink and drug-driving 365 days a year, patrols are often increased this time of year.
The priority is to keep everyone as safe as possible on our roads, and to deal robustly with anyone who compromises the safety of themselves or anyone else. Much of this is down to education and enforcement of the ‘fatal four’ offences – speeding, drink and drug-driving, mobile phone use and not wearing a seatbelt. These are the four most common causes of fatal and seriously injury collisions on our roads.
While the vast majority of motorists drive safely and responsibly, there continues to be a small minority who think they are above the law. Whether you “feel fine”, were “just around the corner” or still have alcohol/drugs in your system from “the night before” – there is no excuse for ever driving under the influence of drink or drugs.
Think carefully before you make your next journey. It could be your last.
Whilst pubs and restaurants may not be open during lockdown, drink and drug driving remains a real concern if people have been drinking or taking other substances at home and then getting behind the wheel.
Those who are caught over the limit should be in no doubt that they will face the legal and social consequences of their actions, which could mean fines, but also imprisonment, losing their licence and their livelihoods.

The consequences of drink or drug-driving could include the following:

  • A minimum 12 month ban
  • An unlimited fine
  • A possible prison sentence
  • A criminal record, which could affect your current and future employment
  • An increase in your car insurance
  • Trouble travelling to countries such as the USA
  • You could also kill or seriously injure yourself or someone else

Drink and drug-driving destroys lives, it’s as simple as that.
If you need support to educate your employees about the dangers of driving under the influence, please contact us.
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