As the strength of cannabis has increased, so too has the number of people entering treatment for cannabis use problems.
More Europeans are now entering drug treatment because of cannabis than heroin or cocaine.
In herbal cannabis, THC concentrations increased 14% between 1970-2017. Concentrations in cannabis resin, which is extracted from herbal cannabis, increased 24% between 1975-2017.
This was the equivalent of a 5mg increase in THC per annum. One 5mg dose is enough for mild intoxication (according to researchers).
Cannabis has continued to increase in strength over time. Today it differs enormously from the type of drug used by people 50 yrs ago. During this time attitudes have also shifted. There is now a greater appreciation of its complex interplay with #mentalhealth & potential medicinal uses.
Resin is often seen as a safer type of cannabis, but findings show that it is now stronger than herbal cannabis.
Traditionally, cannabis resin contained much lower amounts of THC with equal quantities of CBD (cannabidiol, which is believed to have some health benefits), however CBD concentrations have remained stable as THC has risen substantially, meaning it is now much more harmful than it was years ago.