What drugs are students taking, national lockdowns are not holding students back from using drugs according to The Tab’s 2020 Drugs Survey. 16,017 students answered answered it, across 14 different universities including Bristol, Sheffield, Exeter, Birmingham and Glasgow πŸŽ“
The survey found that while generally, students deny they have individually been doing more drugs since the pandemic started, 55% of respondents believe other students are doing more drugs since the pandemic started πŸ“ˆ
When it came to drug choice, the most common drugs used most often were (also shown in the image below):
🚬 Weed (Cannabis), 43.9%
⬜ Cocaine, 12.5%
🐴 Ketamine, 11.7% (a substance used in medicine as an anaesthetic for animals)
πŸ’¨ Nitrous Oxide, 12.1%
🌈 Hallucinogenic, 7.4%
What drugs are students taking
The survey also covered why students do drugs, with the three biggest responses being:

  • Boredom or distraction with 44%
  • Relaxation or self-medication with 37.5%
  • Because others are with 17%

Does any of the above surprise you?
Or is student drug use as well known as the general publics’ drug use?
Experts are advising students to do some research around the drugs they are taking and symptoms of overdose.
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