Drug Testing

Here at ITS Test Kits you will see our innovative and high-quality range of drug and alcohol test kits.  We stock workplace drug testing and healthcare organisation products and solutions. In comparison to other suppliers, we manufacture with European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) guidelines in mind, rather than using much higher cut-off levels. As a result this makes our workplace drug testing kits “fit for purpose”, highly accurate and very cost effective.

Our CE Marked, FDA and some CLIA approved, urine point of care workplace drug testing cups are 99% accurate. Each cup incorporates a no-drip lid and contains a built-in integral temperature strip.  This is to help authentic the donor’s urine sample as part of the legally defensible chain of custody process. With the environment in mind, they are made with >60% less single use plastics/materials than the generic “split key cup” products that are sold by many other companies.

Our CE Marked and FDA approved, point of care workplace drug testing oral fluid kits are 99% accurate. Each oral fluid kit incorporates a built-in saturation marker on the collection device. Therefore, helping to ensure enough sample has been collected as part of the legally defensible chain of custody process.

We provide drug tests in bulk at wholesale prices with same day shipping for orders placed on business days before 12 Noon (GMT).

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