Intoximeter Alco-Sensor FST Breathalyser



Intoximeter Alco-Sensor FST Breathalyser

Intoximeters’ instruments have been proven time and time again to be the most accurate on the market. They have led the breath alcohol testing industry for over 70 years. Since 1945, Intoximeters has been manufacturing products to assist in DUI enforcement. The Alco-Sensor® line of alcohol breath testing instruments is the standard by which other handheld breath alcohol analysers are compared. As an approved and registered Intoximeter distribution partner, ITS are proud to offer the UK Home Office approved Intoximeter Alco-Sensor FST Breathalyser range.


It is easy to use and extremely robust/durable making it ideal for use in "tough" environments. The Alco-Sensor FST (AS-FST) provides precise, accurate, repeatable results on direct breath sample testing. Utilising one of the highest quality electrochemical ("Fuel Cell") select sensors available, manufactured to exacting specifications for accuracy, repeatability and long life. Intoximeters fuel cell-based instruments set the industry standard for accuracy and precision. These precise and linear devices offer consistent output that results in evidentiary grade analysis. Ideal for all screening applications (disciplinary/non-disciplinary). A perfect tool for professional level employee screening/testing where "fit for purpose" and quality is important. Supplied in a hard carry case.


The Intoximeter Alco-Sensor FST Breathalyser is designed to offer a simple to operate passive testing procedure. This is for quick screening of a large number of subjects without the need to change mouthpieces.  It does this by utilising the "Passive Cup" attachment.

It also has the capability of measuring the headspace (air) over a solution (using the ""Drink Sniffer"" attachment).  This can identify whether alcohol is present in a suspected open container.

The AS-FST Breathalyser is designed to withstand field use and is currently used worldwide by many Police and Law Enforcement agencies. It is also designed to offer intuitive, simple operating procedures that minimize the risk to the operator.

Unique Features:

The AS-FST was designed with complete operator safety in mind, unlike many other instruments available in the market. The symmetric design and rear facing display of the AS-FST allows an operator to:

  • remain in control of the subject
  • view the instrument display
  • monitor the surrounding environment and divert the subject’s breath so that they are not directly in the breath stream during the sample collection process.

The Intoximeter Alco-Sensor FST Breathalyser also offers advantages in low light operations such as a backlit LCD display, an illuminated mouthpiece guide, a “lever and snap” mouthpiece insertion and optional multi-colour backlit display messaging to warn of important test conditions.

Recalibration and Accuracy Checks are recommended:
  • every 6 months when being used in a "disciplinary" application
  • every 12 months when being used in a "non-disciplinary" or general monitoring application.

As an approved and registered Intoximeter distribution partner, we can carry out re-calibrations and accuracy checks on an ad-hoc or fully managed service. Go to our Recalibration Services page or contact us for more details.

Not to be confused with cheap and lower quality "semi-conductor" or "non-UK Home Office approved" breathalyser units. The ITS Intoximeter Alco-Sensor FST Breathalyser with Printer is Home Office Approved and therefore ideally suited for legally defensible workplace alcohol screening, where printed result are required (eg Network Rail, National Grid etc...) Comparable breathalyser products: Draeger 6810 with printer and 6820 with printer / Lion 500P with printer etc...

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